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Nimble & co

We help companies strengthen, develop and future-proof their digital presence and business. With a focus on the company’s digital presence, marketing and sales.


We help your company to create the right foundation to generate the insights you need.

We help you with everything from defining the questions, sources and performance indicators. To be able to work with modern marketing and make informed decisions for your business. Examples of different types of analysis that Nimble & co perform:

  • Analysis of data such as web, channels, CRM, customer, market and sales
  • Competition, the definition of the current situation and gap analysis

Nimble & co’s goal is for the reports to be easy to understand, concrete and actionable. This means that we always identify recommendations on what you should and can act on as a component of our assignment and service to you.

Examples of data for analysis -

How it works -

The purpose of the analysis is defined
If it is not data that is to be analysed, we identify which additional sources are needed (eg write surveys or conduct interviews)
Analysis is performed
We compile the results, conclusions and any recommendations
If necessary, we also go through the material together with you and your team 

We deliver -