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Nimble & co

We help companies strengthen, develop and future-proof their digital presence and business. With a focus on the company’s digital presence, marketing and sales.

Bespoke training

We offer help to increase the digital competence and capabilities within your company.  Nimble & co creates training sessions that are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Whether it’s marketing software, how to work with modern marketing or help with planting a seed to change the mindset to support a journey towards change. 


The training sessions are tailored to where your team’s competence level is today and we anchor the education sessions in how it’s relevant to achieve business goals or alleviate challenges.


The benefits for your business

How it works

  1. During an initial conversation, we define needs, target group and competency level and desired goal

  2. Preparation of training opportunity or plan

  3. The training is carried out on-site or through a digital platform

  4. If necessary, Nimble & co are available for support to answer questions after completing training

We deliver to you

  • A tailor-made training according to your needs on-site or digitally
  • Availability after completed training to answer questions and offer support to your team