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Nimble & co

We help companies strengthen, develop and future-proof their digital presence and business. With a focus on the company’s digital presence, marketing and sales.

Digital strategy and transformation for growth

We support you in the process to create the right conditions in the business to achieve the change and results you want to see.


The result of our work is clarity on the way forward on how to leverage your company’s digital presence towards growth with clear measurable KPIs. With an approach that creates easy prioritisation, focus  and ties activities directly to alleviating challenges and/or achieving business goals. 


Nimble & co have a well-proven, flexible framework and toolbox for this type of work. With insights and experience from other industries that you get access to through our work and can benefit from.


Different businesses have different needs and therefore have different focus areas. Nimble & co’s framework for digital strategy and transformation is flexible and adaptable to your specific business needs. We always start with goals and challenges, then we identify what is required to take your company from the current situation to reach both goals and vision.


In order for you to see results as soon as possible, we identify what activities you can start right now and which initiatives that are possible to run in parallel with each other. Ie activities that help you report on tangible results to management and/or the board in the very near future.