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We help companies strengthen, develop and future-proof their digital presence and business. With a focus on the company’s digital presence, marketing and sales.

Strategic Project Management

We support your company by offering strategic project management of initiatives with the aim to improve your company’s digital presence. This enables you to focus on the organisation’s regular day-to-day operations and needs.


You can confidently lean on an experienced strategic project manager who will be your right hand in driving the change and results you want to see. By running certain initiatives, you have someone that can coordinate between departments, for example, marketing, IT and sales or external suppliers.

The benefits for your business

An example of how an assignment can look and how Nimble & co can support and report to you

  • Strategic project management of digital initiatives with the aim to improve the digital presence and support business growth.

  • Identify the right solution based on needs and goals. (requirement analysis for certain initiatives)

  • Establish project groups and keep all members updated on overall project goals and timeline.

  • Create and manage a plan for the initiative, timeline and a budget.  

  • Lead projects and ensure that the goals are well defined, communicated and achieved. 

  • You get a clear report every week with status and hours that give you both comfort and control for active projects, workstreams and time spent.

  • Retrospective after completed activities with a full report on key learnings and improvements to support learning within your organisation.

Examples of project types we can assist you with

  • CRM program
  • CX program
  • The procurement process of finding new agencies and suppliers 
  • Requirements analysis for marketing and tech 
  • Create reports for management and board
  • Evaluate the work of marketing agencies and define action lists for improvements 
  • Create business cases