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Nimble & co

We help companies strengthen, develop and future-proof their digital presence and business. With a focus on the company’s digital presence, marketing and sales.


Workshops can have different purposes and goals and can therefore look different. Nimble & co assists in designing workshops based on what you want to achieve. We help you work through a topic towards a specific goal or to identify a next step.

The benefits for your business

How it works

  1. Purpose, focus and roles of  participants are defined during an initial conversation
  2. An agenda is designed according to purpose, participats and goal. Which is distributed prior to the workshop

  3. You provide us with existing documentation that complements the purpose. (marketing plan, business plan, goals, etc.)

  4. We conduct the workshop

  5. The session is summed up and you get access to an action plan, with any additional recommendations (if applicable).

  6. After the workshop, depending on your needs, we provide support afterwards (if applicable)